Possible seizure/sudden death


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Jul 23, 2021
This morning my female blue Swedish duck seemed quiet, then quickly (within 1 hour) declined and passed. She seemed neurological to me- she seemed to have trouble walking and was holding out her wings to steady herself, breathing seemed shallow. I don’t know if head pressing is a sign in ducks like it is in dogs, but she put herself in a corner and was pressing her head against the wall. I brought her in to give her a warm bath thinking she could be painful/egg bound, but as I placed her in the water she contorted her neck head and then her head went back. I pulled her out of the water and she stiffened and passed in my arms in seconds. She was hatched 10/1, so she’s a young girl and I feel terrible. She was 100% normal leading up to this, eating, active etc. I bring the flock some veggies and meal worms before “bed” and she happily gobbled up her share and then tucked in for the night last night. I’ve searched the yard- no sign of anything she could have gotten into. New bag of food, no sign of mold or issue there. No sign of wounds or trauma. No signs of URI or other sickness prior and the 2 other ducks and our 7 chickens seem fine. Anyone have any thoughts? ☹️

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I am so sorry for your loss. :hugs It's just very hard to say what may have happened. They can hide their sickness so well sometimes until it's too late.

Best way to know for sure is to have a necropsy done. Your vet can probably steer you in the right direction with how to go about it. Keep the body cool not frozen.

This could have been something genetic that just caught up with her. Heart problems is one.
I wish I had an answer for you, just know I'm sorry you lost her.

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