Possible solution to wasps???

The red wasps want to build a nest on the inside of the pitch and eaves. That is where I sprayed it. I took everything out . . ladder, pine chips, roost . . . just in case. I want to put baby chicks in it tomorrow. Hopefully tonight it will air out good. A yellow jacket stopped briefly and the red wasps are going into the AC unit now. I sprayed it also. I tried to be conservative with the spray. It seems to be working. I am curious how long it will last.
I prefer essential oils when possible.

Mix 1/4 ounce of lavender oil with 1/2 ounce citronella oil and 1/8 ounce each of pennyroyal oil, eucalyptus oil, tea tree oil and jojoba oil, to prepare a homemade wasp repellent. This mixture has to be diluted with sixteen ounces of jojoba oil, before applying on skin.
Go out at night, as chilly a night as possible, and spray your choice of product right on and in the nests. Soapy water might work too. You want to get the nest when they are all at home!
Then trot briskly away...
I read this on FB & it’s seemed to work in just 12 hours, at least in my workshop.

In plain brown lunch bags, stuff 3 plastic shopping bags to keep them puffy. Tie off with a twist tie. Hang near eaves or ceilings — wherever you see wasps hanging out.

Wasps think the bags are hornets’ nests and hornets kill wasps so the wasps will leave quickly!

In my shop, if I leave the door open I have ALWAYS had wasps zooming around the ceiling. Today there were NO wasps. I was amazed.
I used peppermint essential oil last summer ..I put it in a spray bottle and spritzed around the entrance to the coop and gatepost the wasps seemed obsessed with ...worked a treat although hens smelt a little minty at times!

I also plant mint around the run to deter rats...they also hate it!

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