?possible splay legs??


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Mar 17, 2008
New Hampshire
I'm very new to geese and got my first 3 goslings a little over a week ago. The babies were about 2 days old. They are supposed to be sebs but I am looking and thinking I got a mix. That is besides the point
One of my babies has started walking funny. Almost reminds me of being bow legged. He/She walks and hips seem really far apart. There is a huge stance between the legs. It cannot take very big steps, just small mini ones and then tires out easily. Suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Thankyou! The photo is from this weekend and it is the gosling closest to the front. It seems to gotten quite a bit worse since this photo was taken.
You can tape the legs though it is probably a little late now. Can't hurt to try though. Also be sure to give them some extra niacin in their diet.
Splay leg is when the legs go out to the side like this.


Your gosling looks to have a different issue. In ducks being bow legged can be a sign of dietary deficiencies. What kind of food are they eating??

Being so young it can be easy to fix- but its best to work out exactly what you are dealing with first so that you can give the right treatment.
Shelleyd2008 you are correct- however I was just trying to point out that bowed legs is different from splay leg. Treatment is different for the two conditions and I wouldnt the OP to be able to have more information about what she may be dealing with in her gosling.
Thankyou for all of the excellent advice. I eneded up using medical take to create the splint effect between the legs. Seems to have helped a little, but I think this little guy has something wrong with his hips. They just seem to bulge out to the sides. I tried wrapping vetwrap around his middle to pull the hips it, but between that and his other splint, he could't walk. I am feeding purina flock raiser and today starting mixing in crushed brewers yeast tablets. Any ideas on how many a day I should be crushing and giving to these 3 goslings?
I have a much older gosling with that same problem. He started out normal but then he had a growth spurt and looks like an awkward ostrich. He is really slow and takes small steps at a time and even on carpet his legs fall out of under him, I have him hobbled right bow, but I was wondering if you could post pictures of what you have set up on your gosling.

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