Possible successful rehabilitation after stroke?

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    Sep 6, 2016
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    Hi everyone.

    Has anyone successfully rehabilitated a chicken after a stroke?

    I have a rescued ex battery hen. She has been with me for a year now. She was in perfect health up until 3 weeks ago. She was walking fine the whole time,then it was as if her legs just started getting weaker and weaker and it became difficult for her to move around. She started sitting on her hocks and would move around slightly by flapping her wings and kind of crawling on her hocks, she would also keep on leaning to her left side (the weaker side). I took her to a vet ( we don't have avian vets where we live) and he suspected a calcium deficiency. He gave her a calcium supplement that I had to mix with her food. Long story short she didn't improve as much as he said she would. I finally managed to get hold of one vet who specializes in poultry a bit more than the other vets and managed to take her to him a week after, he said he suspected she suffered a stroke. Well its been two weeks now I started with physical therapy right away and she has been improving slowly but surely. She is starting to stand up by herself again.

    P.S all other factors like Mareks and other diseases have been ruled out. She is in perfect health except for the fact that her legs are weak. She still eats and drinks and manages to lay an egg everyday.

    I would just like to know has anyone rehabilitated a chicken before, what did you do to help (exercises, etc) and how long did it take?

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    I know this is super late but I was wondering how she was doing and what you did to help her? I'm having a similar problem with one of my seramas.
    Also a little while back I had a buff orpington who had heat stroke. She was living in the house for several days and then one day I was watching TV in the other room. Coincidentally, a documentary on chickens came on, and when she heard the other chickens, she tried to stand. With a little help, she went out to the coop that evening. :)

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