Possible to reduce size?


Nov 27, 2021
Pahrump, Nevada
This a probably a stupid question but here it goes 😂

Is it possible to reduce the size of egg a hen lays? I recently took in a silkied serama 3 weeks ago and she started laying for me this past week, here is where my dilemma is.

This poor girls eggs are huge and always have blood smeared. They aren't much smaller than a golf ball, much larger than any I've seen. I have gotten 4 from her so far. It just seems like it would be painful to bleed everytime you lay.

I acquired her from our local conservation farm as they are unfortunately moving, but her backstory is that she is a rescue from an extreme chicken hoarding situation. 😢
I don't think there is any way to make an egg smaller. Maybe always be ready to treat a egg bound/collapsed egg situ. Keeping her in the dark 14 hours a day may reduce the number
Thank you. I will definitely keep that in mind, and do more research so I know how to handle both situations properly.

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