Possible very very bad vent gleet. VERY infected.


Jan 12, 2018
Its been a while since I've had to post on the emergency thread but (sadly) I'm back!
I have a silkie hen named Cleopatra who is about 2 years old. My chickens are kept at my grandma's house who lives just down the road as my mom HATES chickens, I have been extremely busy with homework and the chicks that I have in the brooder here at my house. I finally was able to get to my grandma's house yesterday and I noticed that Cleopatra had a very large mat of feathers under the vent, they were matted together with blood and poo. I also noticed her vent was very large and inflamed and bloody. It also had lots of spots of yellowish-greenish mucus and some of the vent had turned the same color. As I held her up closer to examine it I noticed it smelled ABSOLUTELY FOUL, like the only way I can describe it is roadkill. It smelled exactly like a dead raccoon. I immediately put some peroxide on it with some q tips and while I did I had to keep turning my head away so I could breathe. It bubbled a lot and It helped remove a lot of the yellowish mucus. I then applied a triple antibiotic cream + pain relief which seemed to help her. I then read online that with vent gleet its good to give them apple cider vinegar and yogurt but I had no yogurt so I gave her some sour cream mixed with the acv. WHAT DO I DO NOW??????
Can you post any pictures of her vent? It could be a prolapsed vent with vent pecking instead of vent gleet that you are seeing. Do you see any red tissue sticking out of the vent, or anything that looks black that could be dead tissue? Whether it is vent gleet or a prolapse or vent pecking, I would recommend a daily warm soak in Epsom salts water, or water with dishwashing liquid and some gentle rubbing to get any gunk off.

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