Possible worms


Nov 13, 2017
I found my chicken today with a very soiled/pooey bottom today and when I took a closer look I saw so many worms just wriggling about on her butt. Immediately I dusted pestine and some fell off then I gently brushed off the worm and soaked her bottom in some insect poison which I used to use for dogs so I assumed it was safe. All fell off and are dying. In her poo, I saw a worm and notice that she is now too quiet and sleepy as if she has somehow gotten worse in a second although just before she was eating. After the worms were removed I saw an open wound that I do not if it was caused by the worms or the worms were born from it. Externally all the worms have died due to the soaking. I'm thinking to disinfect the wound and applying vaseline? I know I may have done things wrong but If anyone would know what to do please comment. Have they maybe went inside of her and how should I cover the wound?

(I have not taken photos of the worms but they were a fingertips length and maybe a quarter of a paper clip size.)
How bad is her wound and where is it located? Would you be able to take a picture?

It could be that she’s getting picked on because she’s weak which is most likely due to the worms.

I would deworm her.
I have to go to sleep, but I hope others can be of more help.

How are your other chickens doing? How many do you have? If this one has worms, the others most likely do too and will need to be dewormed as well.

Good night
:hugsSorry for your loss. Thank you for updating us.

And wow I didn’t think they would be maggots, but it makes sense, I learned something new.

Have you been able to check over your other hens?

I also had realised what it was and now i know what to do for munch other hens, I had checked them tic see if they had fly strike too but luckily they hadn’t. Though I still want to clean their house and maybe put garlic in their water to be safe.
I'm sorry for your loss. They wernt worms, they were maggots. It's called "Fly Strike."

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