possible wry neck in my chickie ; (


5 Years
Apr 27, 2014
Washington state
So I am brand new to byc this is my very first time with these sweet chickie. We have 6 buff orpingtons and one meat chickie. I know meat chickie is sad to think about but I really feel strongly about the health of my family and providing a loving environment for all our chickies while we have them so we decided to try and see how it goes which is why we only got one.... anyway I have one baby that I am pretty confident has wry neck. She walks in circles is falling behind in growth even though I see her drink and eat. I got polyvisol and vitamin e but see no where about how much I give her and force feeding g it her has been a challenge bc im sure ut tasts aweful. Anyway I decided to put the vitamins in the water I figure it can't hurt the chickies but can it and are there any suggestions or should I prepare for her to die.... im so sad and I feel so bad for her ; (

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