Possible wry neck?


6 Years
Apr 22, 2013
I'm new to being a chick mom, even though I have taken care of them before. I have 15 dark brahmas, all should be pullets but I think 2 are roosters . They were hatched on March 27, so they're just a few weeks old. I noticed the other day that one of the pullets looks like she is had a short neck & slept a lot. After watching her more, she stretches her neck out to eat & drink, but she roosts a lot more than the others, with her head tucked in & eyes closed, & is even very quiet & still when I pick her up. Anyone have any opinions or ideas?
can't tell much from the picture but if it is wry neck I've read to treat with a vitamin B complex. I know of a great B complex I use on my birds and its supposed to be formulated for better absorbing into the body. its a water soluble vitamin B complex called VITA PRO B. I got mine from first state vet supply online. I think the bottle was around 12.00$. it lasts a long time and is good for the whole flock too. you put a small amount in the water. I hope this helps you out. from what I can see in the pictures she looks kind of like she's ruffled .I hope she gets well soon. best of luck you can also treat with poly vi Sol children's vitamins with out iron and while treating stop the medicated feed if your feeding it it can block the B1 vitamin. in the poly vi Sol without iron you would use three drops per day. good luck
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Thanks so much for your reply! Was begining to think people thought I was worried over nothing. She tends to keep her neck in almost all of the time, except for eating and drinking. When you look in at them all, you can pick her out because she looks like she either has a very short neck, or no neck. She seems to move around & is growing OK, I guess I just want to make sure it doesn't become anything serious. Maybe I'll pick up a vitamin pack & add it to their water today. I am feeding a medicated chick starter/grower. They just started their second bag and are almost a month old. I plan on taking them off of the medicated & going to non-medicated after this batch, then going organic (plus free range them during the day). I've been learning so much about chicks & chickens lately!

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