Possibly adding an extension to the run. Is my thinking correct here?


Jan 3, 2018
Freeland, MD
My Coop
My Coop
First thing to note is that appearance is important to me. My current run is 6x12 feet (72sqft), the fenced in area you see is not run space, it is controlled limited time free range space. I am debating adding a 4x6 foot (24sqft) extension. I have 32sqft of coop space and that will never be expanded.

So say I have 8 chickens they would currently have 4sqft of coop and 9sqft of run space, this would change that to 4sqft of coop space and 12sqft of run space.

Debating if this is even worth it….

What I am thinking is that I need:

(12) 2x4x6 Pressure Treated (6+6+6+6+6+6+4+4+4+4+2+2+2+2+2+2) for Box plus another 4 ft for box against coop to create a slight angle for roof
(50ft) 1/2 inch hardware cloth (hardware cloth is not on floor of current run but I would put it on the floor on the extension. I am not cutting into my predator proof coop risking any safety
(1) 4x8 piece of plywood to put roof on
(1) 4x6 corrugated roof panel



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