Possibly an egg deformity?


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So I have 11 eggs in the incubator right now, due to hatch on Monday. I was candling the eggs yesterday for the last time, when I came to my one last egg, kinda whitish brown, and smaller than my others. I was suspicious of it when it was laid, but I put it in my incubator anyway. So the thing is, there's a small embryo in the middle, with a normal sized air cell, but a very tiny embryo. It's in the middle of the egg, and the rest of the egg is clear. Now I'm wondering something. My bantam chickens mate with my normal hens all the time, and I'm thinking that maybe a bantam chick in developing in a full sized egg. Do you think this is possible? If it is,, I doubt that the chick will be able to hatch from the egg because it won't be able to get positioned correctly.
Sorry if it sounds like a stupid question,


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It’s a good question since you don’t know the answer. But, no, it’s not a bantam chick in a full sized egg. The chick will use whatever nutrients are available in the egg to grow to fit the egg. Bantams and full-sized chickens mate and hatch all the time.

It sounds like an egg that did not develop and you are seeing the yolk. When the hatch is over you might open it to see if it developed at all.

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