possibly egg bound/not sure though.


8 Years
May 30, 2012
Hello yall, my Rhode Island Red just laid her first egg friday. Excited because we only have 1 other and it's a green legged hatch, and she hasn't laid yet. Well the RIR laid again saturday, then again Sunday. She is laying just a little bit after lunch. Ok when I got home my wife told me when she let them out today she thought she saw an egg in her rear/vent. When I went out to inspect I didn't see anything but she was flexing her tail. I read a couple of other threads and filled some warm water in the tub and put her in and held her there for 30 minutes. Nothing happened and she seemed very relaxed. So now she's out ranging a little before I put them up. She's still doing the flex thing here and there. I'm just wondering if there's anything going on or maybe my wife really didn't see "an egg". What do you think? Wait and see? Any suggestions would be great.
Congratulations on your new egg layer!

I believe if your wife saw an egg then it would certainly be far enough down for your pullet to lay. Perhaps she laid it out in the yard in a secret nest? Or perhaps what your wife saw was the pullet's vent after eliminating.

When you bathed her, did you feel her abdomen and around her vent? If an egg was stuck just before the vent, you would most likely be able to feel it. If you believe she is egg bound, give her another bath and feel around for the egg. If you do feel it, you'll likely need to put on a pair of latex gloves to remove it.

Good luck with her!
Thanks for the reply. Last night I went out to get her and sit her in warm water again and she was sitting down in the nesting box in coop. I decided to leave her ne till morning. This morning I go out and they are both in run and I check the box and she had me an egg in there. We are good to go! Thanks again!

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