Possibly egg bound?

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    I went out to the coop this morning and my Banty was acting weird backed up into a corner and not running away from the other hens. Then I noticed she had the classic penguin walk for being egg bound and some clear fluid leaking out. So I thought maybe a broken egg. I have her in the sick hen brooding box now with some calcium chips food and water. I did a quick finger check to see if there was any broken shells inside her vent. I felt nothing but a harder roundish part if I tipped my finger up a little bit. I've never felt inside a non sick hen so I'm not sure if it's a natural part of her anatomy or an actual egg. It was about 1.5 inches inside.. I'm still going to give her a soak and see what happens just in case. Does anybody know for sur if what ok feeling is more than likely an egg or an actual part of her anatomy? Thanks in advance!
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    If it was on the left it was almost certainly her gizzard.


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