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    I'm looking at various chicken tractor designs. The A-frame styles look likely because I'm wanting to build something simple that doesn't look too obviously like a chicken coop for 4-6 stealth bantams. I get how you build the nest box into the end and have an egg door there, but now for the possibly stupid question, ...

    How do you get the feeder and waterer in and out? I don't see openings for them in the A-frame designs.

    And can it be arranged so that feeding and watering is done from the outside without risk of chicken escape? I'm wanting to involve my kids, especially the 7yo, in the chicken care and it would be a lot easier for him to not have to open anything large enough to let a chicken out.
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    Nov 25, 2012
    I built an A frame tractor and did water nipples with the bucket sitting on the top (just built a platform on one end for the bucket) and I have my feeder mounted to the door inside the coop area. It works very well for 3 chickens but not much more- mine is 3' wide by 8' long- the coop part is about 2 1/2' x 3'.

    One thing- even if you just keep hens, they are not going to be stealthy- when their eggsong rings out, your neighbors are going to know....

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