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    I'll start:
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    A story about Love? Hmm....

    When I was eight years old, I fell off a horse for the first time, seriously injuring my back. Even 5 years later, I'm still living with that injury. I kept riding, but against my will, and by the time I was ten I felt like I never wanted to see another horse ever again.

    But then I met Hanna.

    She scared me at first. I was basically thrown on her back because she ran off with my friend. I was scared out of mind, and felt like I was going to cry. That first 10 minutes was probably one of the scariest times of my life.
    But soon, I started to notice her gait. How smooth it was. I noticed how high and well she could jump for her size. Believe me when I tell you it was NOT love at first sight, but it was most surely love.

    I fell in love with that horse that first week. And I started to invest all my time and money in her...blankets, saddle pads, treats, leg wraps...and this wasn't even my horse! I spent almost every day out there, teaching her lead changes, and side-passing.
    But about one year later, i found out someone was lined up to buy her. As i watched the trailer pull away, taking her off for her "test run" I cried like I had never cried before. That horse was my life...and then she was gone.

    I started to dread my lessons. The highlight of my day had always been seeing her trot towards me in the field... and now I would never see her again. It broke my heart every time I passed her stall.

    I arrived early one day to start packing her stuff. I had decided it was time to move on. To just try and forget her.

    Imagine my surprise when I passed the field...and she trotted up to the gate! I started sobbing and just hugged her for the longest time. Then we saddled up and rode all day.

    About 2 months later, I found out she was for sale again. I couldn't let her leave again, so finally, after much pleading, begging, and promising to pay and do chores...she was mine.
    I loved that pony like nothing had ever been loved before. I spoiled her rotten and worked with her every day. She's been mine for almost a year now...and we hold first in the state in Junior Hunter Jumper. That's where love gets you. <3
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    Roxy and Faith. We adopted Faith (the puppy) on New Year's Eve, and she and Roxy are inseparable.
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    I have two stories I couldn't choose just one.

    The first is about my brother and SIL. My brother was driving to work. His wife was following behind him on her way to work also. Early morning on a country highway. A lady fell asleep at the wheel and crossed over and hit my brother head on. He was trapped in his truck. There was a small fire and he was screaming to his wife to get away before it blew up. Instead she pulled herself half way through the window and worked at his seat belt. Then managed to pull the door open ( she has the body frame of a 12 year old). His leg was crushed and she could not pull him out. He kept yelling at her to get away. Instead she held him and said if you go, I'm going with you. Thats the story the wife of one of the volunteer fireman told us. It all happened right in front of their house thankfully so help arrived very quickly.
    The other is of my FIL and his mom who had a very very rocky, loud relationship. The were two similar I think and they fought constantly. The second his mom was in the hospital though he was there. When she was drifting midlessly at the end he was the one washing her face, wetting her lips, applying chap stick, and brushing her hair. My FIL is not a sweet tender type of guy but he showed a ton of love. Love we had doubts about its existance. Gave real meaning to love is patient and kind. For one of the most impatient men I have ever met, he showed endless patience with his mom. Thats love!
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    A Mother's Day release from inpatient radiation & chemo treatment...daughter by my can't be interrupted. [​IMG]
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    My parents will have been married for 30 years on the 28th! They love each other very much. This is what my best friend and I made for them. (That is me on the left, and Jose on the right)
    {If you can't read what it says, it has their first initials 'C+N'}
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    I meat 31 Years! oops... [​IMG]
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    Oh, how I love my husband..........


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