Post dog-attack behavior


Jun 14, 2017
Camden, SC
A dog snatched one of my pullets night before last (wrenched the door open, ran off when I came outside), and 4 of my others got minor injuries. Combs are a little battered and one girl got a gouge at the top of her beak. The girls are making sad little cooing sounds, and one of the uninjured birds is randomly acting panicked. The cockerel is picking on the worst-off girl (chasing her around the yard to attack), and her feathers are roughed up. Her look-alike broke her beak sometime since then.

Is the cockerel's behavior caused by the dog attack? I know the girls' is. If so, what is the timeframe to expect things to be off-kilter? They are 18 weeks old, and we went from 7-1 to 6-1 pullets to cockerel.


Oct 30, 2017
Central Texas
He might be going after any injuries, if there's blood or something like that visible.
I'd suggest catching him and keeping him away from them, even for a day or two. Peckless Peepers may be a good plan for him as well.

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