Post-hatch let down -w/ pictures added


10 Years
Mar 18, 2009
Does anyone else feel that?

Well, at least I can unplug the bator soon. Out of 46 eggs, I got 3 A&M's, 4 goldens, 5 tibetans, and a ton of browns. I also had 11 that were infertile or quitters (some of both), and 4 pipped chicks that died when my 3 yr old turned the temp up to 116 at the last minute.

I still have 1 half-hatched, and 1 drying in the bator. Can't tell for sure what they are yet, but one is either an A&M or a golden that doesn't look too good, and the other is something dark and loud.

All the rest look healthy, but there's one brown in the brooder I'm almost afraid to check on. He looked pretty weak.

Anyway, I'm going to post pictures tomorrow morning for some id help with the tibs and 2 possible tuxedos. I HOPE they're tuxedos. They look like it to me, but I could be wrong.

One of the goldens is almost white. It's just adorable.

Now that I'm checking out this last one, I see that it's another brown. Dh will be thrilled, since the browns are destined to be dinner. We have at least 20 of them!
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dont get too too excited yet dear! Yes they all are different intensties of tuxedo however you may disapointed at how they feather out. Most look like they will feather out with a line of white on their chest instead of a full white chest. HOwever don't get sad about that. If you plan on breeding these birds just house them together WITH your monster A & M chick
Will help express the color more and give you birds that are half white and half tibetan (gorgeous)!

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