Post-natal mania!


In the Brooder
Nov 6, 2019
Hens beat human women by leagues when it comes to post-natal psychosis! (By the way, I am pleased to be able to say something nice about the human race in the current climate of race abuse where, by the age of 5, our small children know that the human race is horrid and destructive and therefore the world will end.)
My calm and friendly pet, whom I have fed and watered since she hatched, now flies at me with talons spread when I open the door to put in more food! This appears to be because she has a chick! The said chick was in severe danger of being trampled, and, on occasions, I had to hold my gloved hand over it whilst Mum was trashing the place. Fortunately, it is now 10 days old and can fly, and has learnt to back off. Why are some hens so manic and others are fine for you, their carer, to give them chick crumbs and admire the babies?

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