Post normal egg pics and the hen that layed it


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Apr 29, 2013
I was looking thru the wonderful "first egg" post and thought it would be nice to have, if there isn't one already, a normal egg post. Can you post pics of your everyday egg and tell the breed of hen that laid it or a pic of the hen? This would be great help to newbies like me who are wondering what the eggs of our current or future hens would look like. If there's already an existing post, please post the link.

Thanks, Jamie
Hi! Right now I have a pic of my silver laced Wyandotte and white ameraucana's eggs. The brown are the SLW and light blue are the ameraucana's. hope this helps!

Breed: Easter Egger
Egg on the left is laid by Maple ( it was a really thin shelled egg) and Pine's egg is on the right.

Pictures of the hens:

This is Maple second in the pecking order.

Pine the flock leader

I have a SLW that is about to lay any day. I didn't realize the eggs would be that dark.

I love the responses :) Please keep them coming.

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