Post pics of the INSIDE of your coop!

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    Jul 10, 2010
    Otis, ORE
    Hi! So I'm getting on a roll making my coop (clearing space for it, obtaining materials, designed) and that's dandy. Looking at coop designs has really helped.

    However, I was wondering if people could post the insides of their coops? I know what's needed but not really how the layouts are supposed to be. The coop is going to be 4.5'x6' not including nestboxes if that helps. How far up should the roosts be? I heard something about a poop board, so what are the roosts supposed to be made out of to allow for that? The nestboxes will be an add on, so is it okay that they are lower (but not parallel) to the roost/perches?

    Any other considerations?
  2. Zahboo

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    Feb 3, 2009
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    The roosts just need to be higher than the nestboxes, and have enough space away from the roof that they don't hit it. I like 2x4s with the 4" side up as my roosts, some don't. You can use them as poop board roosts. Poop boards just protect the shavings, a slick surface you can wipe off saving a ton of money in shavings. Um. My coop won't help be any help because I haven't finished the nestboxes and roosts yet. Sorry
  3. elmo

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    May 23, 2009
    There really is no "supposed to be" for the interior of a coop. It depends on where your windows, doors, and vents are. Some rules of thumb:

    1. Try to have at 9-12 inches (or so) of roost width per bird.

    2. Put your roost 12-15 inches (or so) away from a wall so poo is less likely to splatter on the wall and your birds will not get their heads or tails squished as they roost.

    3. Birds like to roost as high as they can. Unless you have the heavier breeds that could hurt themselves jumping down, or one of the breeds that can't fly (e.g., sillkies), place your roost high, but leave enough headroom (at least two feet or more, if you can). You'll want to make sure that the vent you'll leave open in winter is higher than the birds' heads on the roost, so take that into account. If you have an operable window, it's fine to put a roost in front of it; the birds will enjoy the breeze in warm weather (and you can close it up and perhaps even cover it with plastic for extra insulation in the winter.

    4. You can put a wide, flat board under the roost, or a tray (I use a plastic boot tray) to collect the night time droppings, making them easier to remove. It's an option, you don't have to do this. Some people build a droppings pit under the roost, with the top covered with slats or wire so the chickens don't go down into the pit themselves. Droppings pile up in this pit, and after a while, someone needs to clean it out (personally? yuck).

    5. Put your nestbox(es) on a level lower than the roost. This is to discourage hens from roosting in the nestboxes and pooping them up. Birds like to roost as high as they can!

    I didn't actually go out with a tape measure when I put in my roosts; I eyeballed it all. And you can see how your arrangement is working (for you, and for your chickens) and move things around to improve the layout.
  4. sydney13

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    Mar 11, 2010
    its good that the nest boxes are lower then the roosts because this way they will not sleep in the boxes but instead on the roost
    i put the roosts right over the nest boxes so that when they roost the poop falls onto the top off the nest boxes which are covered with linoleum and this way i can scrape the poo right off. if you click on my page you can see some pics [​IMG]
  5. kfchickenlady

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    Apr 28, 2010
    sydney13 - I love your coop!!! I am trying to integrate my coop and run into my backyard, and I love your whimsical touches [​IMG] About the nest boxes, Ive seen others put curtains over the entrances, do they figure out how to get inside? I have some dumb bunnies in my flock who lay their eggs in the middle of the run .... [​IMG]
    PS That pic of Delilah with the chickies on her back is the cutest!!!

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