Post pics of your chinchillas!

Here's mine - Zowie


and her stuff....

Depends on how they were socialized as babies and also personality. Rioki loved to be played with but wasn't a cuddle bug unless it was on her terms (didn't like being picked up). But Saka (Saka Mama) even though she sat in a cage for the first 3 years of her life (previous owner) she absolutely adored being held and would beg for someone to pick her up and just cuddle with them, she mothered everything if I had any orphans I'd let her watch them when she had out of cage time and she'd run get me if they so much as made a noise.

Also had 2 rescues that were picked up from a house that had over 15 birds they had had only pellets and lived with a filthy dust bath in their cage all the time (owners added new dust but never cleaned it) Chinta was very stand-offish but warmed up as her baby got older she gave birth the night after I rescued them. Inca the male she was with, was a cuddle bug but he also liked to pull on my earrings then run away laughing at me when I'd look at him and pretend I was upset with him for teasing.

The one that really showed me the meaning of how hyper a chinchilla can get is Rioki though. We had a Min Pin that never got his tail docked as a pup and he had some touchy nerve endings in the tail. Rioki would sneak up on him while he was asleep and grab his tail in her front paw yank it then dart away just a gray streak of lightning to the top of the couch or a table or whatever was handy for her and she'd sit there making a sorta chittering laughing sound. The dog would come up from his sleep growling with his hair standing in a ridge on his back and he'd look all around trying to see what had "attacked" him. He'd eventually hear Rioki and snort in her direction before curling back up to attempt to sleep again. She also liked to steal tv remotes, video game controllers, cell phones, and would make a nuisance of herself running back and forth across the keyboard on the computer.

Just best to sit back and enjoy the show and go a treasure hunt to look for missing items. Once found a baby guinea pig she had stolen from another room in her cage 4 levels up in her sleep house.

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