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  1. Lynn WA

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    Aug 17, 2008
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    My 14-week old rooster had an impacted crop, and after reading many posts here and doing other research, we finally had to resort to surgery. It went well - we got about a packed cup full of grass, blueberries, green beans, etc out of him. He's in solitary confinement and so far is doing great - full of energy and longing to be with his peeps. I gave him only water with teramycin for the first 24 hours, then last night he got small bits of bread covered with applesauce and some plain yogurt - all of which he devoured. This morning I gave him chopped egg with yogurt and some more applesauce. From what I've read, he needs to stay on the teramycin for a week, and be confined for a week. He's obviously very hungry, but I'm concerned about over feeding him. I want his crop to heal without getting impacted again. How much can I feed him? Thanks in advance for your help!
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    Some other things I have given my hen when crop healing were baby food veggies (like squash, etc.), regular chicken pellets ground in the blender with distilled water until liquefied, and other veggies I blended with water. I tried to strike a balance between getting the crop muscles back in shape and keeping her energy level up. I gave small amounts of food often, but I was also working with a vet and we had my girl on medication to help her empty the crop.

    Hope that is of some help. Good luck!

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