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  1. Since I don't have space for everything I want, I have started a Chicken Wish List.
    As a kid we had some generic barnyard bantams (black hens, normal rooster-y colored roosters) and I had seen barred and white chickens. Until I decided to get my own flock, this was all I knew. Since joining this forum and ordering my chicks I have learned how much I don't know... And I can't get enough! Someday, I will have my own house, and a bigger and better coop, and I want to have MORE CHICKENS!
    But now, I just need to figure out which ones I want. Want to help?
    Please post pictures of interesting breeds and mixes with as much info as you can.
    I am a crafter, so points for pretty feathers, and my roomies insist they be good egg-layers. I am mostly interested in standards (again, the roomies insist on 'useful' and won't accept my "but the feathers!" as enough) We have wet winters, and hot summers, but fairly mild weather otherwise.
    But as for pics, I am open to looking at anything pretty!
    Please list, if you can: size, temperment, egg production, foraging capability, and any other interesting tidbits.
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    Have to say that EE are one of my favorite breeds. They lay lots of pretty green and blue eggs, and come in almost any color you could ask for. Their pea comb makes them winter hearty (less chance of frostbite). The blue hen was my first chicken, EVER! She was sold to me as an Araucana, 8 years ago, before I knew any better. She obviously didn't have the pea comb, and her eggs were sort of a khaki tan, but I loved her all the same. Here she is, along with a current favorite, Ginseng, and my roo, Marilyn (Manson).

    Temperment can vary widely, since they are a mutt with the blue egg gene, but some are incredibly sweet and gentle.

    Second would be Speckled Sussex. They are just beautiful birds, and so gentle and sweet. I'm told they are great layers, too, though mine are still too young to lay. It's so odd how they seem to group together. Even when I added 2 new birds, the SS's immediately recognized each other and stuck together from day one!
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    My favorite is standard cochins. Now they are not know for egg lying but I get more eggs then we can eat with 5 hens. They are big, sweet and just lovley to look at.



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    Wyandottes are my favourites, very winter-hardy which is a great plus as I live far up north. They have rose combs, so no freezing in the cold [​IMG]
    They are available in both standard and bantam variety, and come in a multitude of colours; White, Blue, Buff, Red, Black, Barred, Partridge and Silver Pencilled, Silver, Gold, Blue and Buff Laced, and Columbian which has similar markings to the Light Sussex (please correct me if I've missed out on some colours - I only keep SLW, GLW and White myself).

    I've been told that there is some difference in temperment in the US, depending on whether they're hatchery or breeder birds. They are good layers (originally dual purpose birds, so I've been told they're good meat birds too, if you're into that) [​IMG], approximately 200 eggs a year, and the eggs are a light brown. The hens, in my experience, are excellent broodies and good mothers if you want to hatch the natural way. The standard hens weigh around 6 pounds and the roos weigh around 8 1/2 pounds.

    One of my Silver Laced hens:

    And a Golden Laced with babies:

    The roos are rather handsome too, IMO:
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    Ontario, Canada :)
    I would love to help....
    But all of my birds are young, so I am still figuring out what they are like [​IMG]
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    Quote:Too bad we aren't close enough to exchange some SLW eggs. [​IMG]
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    Quote:Oh what I would have given to bypass the red tape [​IMG]
    I know it's a good thing really to prevent diseases spreading, but oh so inconvenient for us small-scalers [​IMG]

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    You may want to consider Speckled Sussex, these are beautiful birds that would be especially great for your crafts.
    Mine slowed down on laying during the hot summer, but they have picked back up now.

    Here is one of my roos


    And one of my hens

  9. Thanks for the gorgeous pictures!
    I am adding them all to my list ('cept for the wyandottes, cause I already have some of 5 colors [​IMG] )
    Anyone else have a favorite?

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