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Feb 6, 2012
Bay City, TX
Anyone and everyone who has Ostriches, Emus. Rheas post your pictures here!! I don't have any right now but will get some as soon as possible make sure to put their breed and sex :) Thank you!! And Imight even turn this into a contest---No prize just the pride of winning :) Post away Ostriches, Emu, Rheas owners :)
The top photo shows Greedy, a female d. n. rothschildi, on the right, and her consort, Boy Emu, in the middle, and just taking a swipe at a wild bird.
For the second photo, I offer no apology. I’ve posted it to give readers an insight into my world. The top photo took a little trouble to get, but not much because the wild birds will come close (in mating-season) because my birds are present. This second photo is taken from the back yard about ten minutes ago. The bird is a magnificent dark (male?) rothschildi. There is one more wild bird out of sight on the right, and Greedy and Boy Emu are out of sight on the left. When you guys visit, you can sit in the garden, and watch emu life going on in dribs and drabs. I pulled the fence down so the birds can enter and exit the side gate-carport-top gate network.

Supreme Emu

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