Posted in predator section, but need advice for remaining drake

Discussion in 'Ducks' started by prncssprplfrog, Sep 24, 2010.

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    Jun 12, 2009
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    I hatched out 2 Cayuga ducklings this spring out of 12- had to peck the egg-shell off very slowly. Loved them to pieces and they did well all summer. They free ranged with my 14 chickens all summer without a problem. They had just started to get their little curly feathers at the base of their tales and even though they were both drakes ( I think- but will never know now), they were attached at the hip.

    Wednesday, my son couldn't get them to go into the pen with the hens, which was odd because usually after dark they go into the coop. I figured, no big deal they'll be fine. I'd go out later and get them out of the kiddy pool that they wanted to sleep in and make them go into the coop. Never happened- Thursday- Cheese was wandering around the back yard, quiet, not quacking for his bud- which is what usually happens when they are out of sight of each other. Feathers in the yard no sign of anything else.

    I'm heartbroken, as is my son, as we got the ducks for him. I'm worried about Cheese- my remaining Cayuga drake. He's used to hanging with the chickens, but looks totally lost and has gone silent. Should I try and find him a ducky mate?

    I so miss my quacking guard ducks that would run to the car when they heard me get out after school, wings a-flapping and quacking up a storm! I am also terrified that the rest are going to get attacked now. My neighbors have seen both foxes and coyotes about. I've started walking my dog around the property again because he hadn't been in the back yard lately due to construction- I think the missing dog smell might have made predators bolder.... My son wanted to sleep in the coop the other night.

    Of course his brother, Quackers was the sweet one, who didn't mind being held and who had the best personality. He wasn't show quality Cayuga- as he had white on him and I was still holding out that he was a she- but...
    Does anyone in central NY have a she-cayuga the they wouldn't mind re-homing?

    Quackers is in the back. This is before they really started to become beautifully colorful.

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    Aww. [​IMG] I'm sorry about your loss. That is heartbreaking. It's amazing how quickly they can come to harm. Recently, my ducks got left out due to an unusual circumstance. I fortunately didn't lose any, but the morning showed evidence that a raccoon had visited. Fortunately, he only took some eggs out from under my broody. She had some minor injuries, and one other duck had some scratches on her neck. I have a guard goose that hangs with them, so I think the raccoon went for the easy "prey" in taking some eggs.

    I have lost ducks in the past, though, and it's taken me two years to perfect a containment system that is 100% successful in preventing attacks.

    I'm sorry for your loss, and hope you find a companion soon. I have some drakes you could have, but it's a bit of a drive. [​IMG]
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    Post your request on Craigslist. You may just get a hit. When I was looking for a hen for my adopted drake,thatis where I found her.
    Good luck and sorry for your loss.......
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    Thanks- the Craigslist is a good suggestion. I'll go post it now.
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    Jun 12, 2009
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    Okay- I feel really stupid- I just put two and two together and realized that my remaining drake had two curly feathers on his tail that are now gone. We did find a chunk of feathers on the ground near where the other one was taken that had a bout a nickle-sized amount of flesh on it........

    Went out to check it out today and about threw up- The wound (from what I can tell) is about the size of a dime, and there are maggots in it. If there is one thing that I really have a hard time with- it's maggots....
    My local vet might be able to look at him tomorrow- she used to do farm animals, but now just does small animal.

    What can I do in the mean-time? I'll have to get my son to help me, but I should get the maggots off right?
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    Yes, wash it out with betadine or diluted hydrogen peroxide. Remove all visible maggots. Add some neosporin until you can see the vet. Antibiotics will be needed. Do you have any Amoxicillin pills around? The are commonly given for ear aches etc. I would dilute 1 into the drinking water to get a head start on it.
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    Quote:Oh no! [​IMG]

    There are a LOT of discussions about maggots in wounds here on BYC, if you do a search. Lots of good advice (and some not-so good advice! [​IMG]). I've been trained as a veterinary assistant, so I can tell you what I'd do.

    I would flush the wound out right away - probably with a saline solution. Some people would tell you to leave the maggots because they eat the dead tissues and can actually help stave off infection, but I would personally remove them. You can put something like Neosporin on it - but NOT a petroleum-based (like vaseline) one - get one that's a cream and will let the wound sounds like the sort of injury that's going to need air to heal from the inside, out. Especially since there are maggots in there, you don't want to seal it all off and let it fester and travel deeper into the tissues.

    Get him into the vet if at all possible, because the dead flesh may need to be removed. She'll probably be able to give you an antibiotic for him...I'd probably go with an oral antibiotic like terramycin soluble powder that you can just mix in the water in the meantime (you can get it at any farm store...for a duck, I'd probably go with a dosage of 1/4 - 1/2 tsp. per gallon of water - remember, they drink a LOT more than chickens). But, that's just me. [​IMG]
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