Posting pictures of your new coop.....include a little info.


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Mar 25, 2009
South Alabama
I know people like to post photos of their chicken coops, whether new or old. They've got a right to be proud of them...and I like to look at them and get ideas from them. But, many times I see just a photo posted with no accompanying information...just a photo. It is hard to get measurements from just an image...maybe comparing it to the size of a wheelbarrow, or figuring the step ladder standing beside the coop is probably a 6' one, or maybe even using a chicken standing beside it to guesstimate the coop's size (but, is that a bantam, LF, etc.,). Oh, and how many birds is that new coop intended for? Is the coop in the frigid north or the simmering south? Small run attached, large run attached, any free ranging? Etc., etc.,.

It would seem better for the person posting the images that they include information regarding the coop so that they can get back critical feedback from members of the forum. I see that some coops don't get much response from the forum and I think it's due to the fact that people get tired of asking the same questions repeatedly so they look at the photos, say "That's cute.", and move on to the next post. I would propose that people posting images of their coops give some basic information about the coop if they would like some constructive criticism, positive confirmation of a good build, encouragement to continue on what they're doing, or all of the above. Below is a short list of simple stuff that could be added to an image post that would save a lot of questioning and get constructive feedback quicker to the OP. This is not an all inclusive list, for sure, but a short, basic list that can be added to...

Climatic location: (New York, Mississippi, Southern California, etc.,?)
Dimensions of coop: (4x4, 4x8, 8x12, 10x20, etc.,.*not* including the run?)
Number of chickens that will be housed:
Size of chickens that will be housed: (large fowl, bantams, etc.,?)
Feed and Water: (inside or outside the coop?)
Size of run: (area of chicken confinement *outside* of the coop?)
Any free ranging planned?:
Unfinished work to be done to coop or run?:

I know people are busy these days and time on the forum can be limited...providing this information upfront could result in faster, better, and more responses.

Just an idea...

Best wishes,

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