Poult pricing advice needed?


10 Years
Apr 9, 2009
Hi everybody. This is my first time incubating turkeys. If I get them all to hatch I may sell a few to a guy who wants day old poults. What is the going rate for day old Beltsville small white turkey poults?
Hatcheries are selling for $10 plus shipping.. I would pay $10 easily from a breeder
good luck!! They are really fragile as babies
$5-8.00 is a fair price to ask, then again how bad does somebody want them can be worth a little extra.

Thanks guys, thats sort of what I was thinking. But I might have a hard time selling them after they hatch because I always get terrified that I may end up selling all the hens and end up with only toms. These are eggs in my incubator so I plan on keeping a few for breeding. What is a good ratio of females to males?

Thanks again guys.
I've got 2 toms, 9 hens with out a problem, earlier this spring 3 toms 16 girls great fertility. have you ever raised turkey before? they are a little trickier than chicks
$8 out of the bator up until a week old. then a $1/per week for every additional week until they are not in need of suplementary heat..

do not be surprised if a few die..

I have royal palms.. I gave up trying to guess their sex before they start to lay eggs..

No I haven't, but I have been doing alot of research. They do sound very fragile and it scares me a little bit. I guess everybody has to start somewhere though so I do what I am doing now. Read, read and read some more, then have the turkeys hatch and come panicking on this forum trying to learn about things I didn't know I needed to know. Sound right?

I don't think I want that many turkeys maybe 3 females and a male. Then I worry about what if something happens to the male, this particular breed of turkey is VERY hard to come by in my area so its not like I can just go out and get another tom. Oh all the worries.
the secret to raising turks, baby chicks. if you place chicks with your turks for the first 10 days, the chicks teach the turks how to eat, drink and find the heat lamp, plus keep them dry if you spill any water clean it up, I also keep my poult on paper towl when the chicks are with them you know they are keeping them selves dry. with this I can get 100% of the hatchling to grow.
Do they have to be day old chicks? I have 15 chantecler eggs I set at the same time I set the turkeys. They will be one week old by the time the turkeys hatch. I know people said to put the chicken eggs in a week later but these eggs both the chanteclers and the belts were hand delivered to me by a wonderful breeder who lives 3 hours away. She said the Chanteclers eggs were up to 5 days old, I couldn't wait a week.

Also I hear so many conflicting views about hmm..I think its called Black head disease, some people say its not really an issue others think its a death sentence to raise poults with chicks. Its so hard to weed out the factual information from the myths.

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