Poultry couple contest!!! Ends July 1st 2022


Wild Claws

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May 5, 2022
Do you have a rooster who has a favorite hen?
Or any other type of poultry that has a favorite girl?
If you do this is the contest for you!
Rule 1. Only 2 entries per person
Rule 2. Be nice. Don't be rude!
Rule 3. There can be more than 2 birds in the pic but the couple has to be the star of the picture.
Your post of your couple should look like this
Fun fact:

There will be 3 winners!
If you are 1 of the winners then I will make you
a edit of your winning couple like example 1. The 1st place winner gets to pick what color there name will be. 2nd place gets to pick there color heart. And 3rd place gets the same as 2nd place. Let the fun begin!!!

if your rooster,drake, peocock, or your other male poultry doesn't have a favorite female you can still take pictures of them posing together.... it still counts!
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Names: Henry Penry and Victoria
Age:1 and unknown
Breed: mixed bantam
Fun fact: She is actually his mom, but they always hang out.
IMG_0923 (1).JPG
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