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Discussion in 'Pictures & Stories of My Chickens' started by Poultry Couture, Dec 30, 2012.

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    It all started when I was four years old.... I asked for a bird ( parrot ) almost everyday! I swear my first word was probably " Bird !" We lived in a small house so I was ALWAYS told "NO!" but it ALL changed when I moved to a large house! I took 6 muscovy ducklings and their mother from a local pond and kept them in a big cage! I still have these too! Five babies, their mother got eaten by someones stupid mutt down the street and one of the babies died of a heat stroke. I also took another duckling from the same pond and an adult male. They now have a huge kennel panel made cage that they live in! But I knew I wanted something less messy. My grandpa gave me a display shed from Lowes and that was my coop! I was obsessed with the fluffy cotton balls that crow and lay eggs! Silkies! I found a lady 12 minutes away from my house that breeds silkies. I'm a person that gets completely distracted from what I'm actually supposed to be doing and when we arrived I was looking at the silkies and I said " what's that yellow thing in the field?" she said " Take it!" " I ordered silkie eggs from another lady and got that thing!" I said " Aw! I love... her?" she said it is a pullet, but she doesn't know what breed. I bought a black silkie hen, partridge silkie chick and the unknown pullet. The black silkie died from bucholism, partridge silkie hen is still with me, but with one wing and my Favorite chicken ever... My serama hen!

    Lol got to go but will finish this ASAP!

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