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    Jul 1, 2009
    The Chick Chart, a revolutionary new software, has amassed my poultry knowledge with my software coding knowledge: It boasts many different features, such as pedigrees, expense/income logs, egg production logs, and all of these are printable! There also is incubation/brooding records of the serious incubator-ator. Many of these softwares are going for $30.00 and up on eBay, but I decided to discount it on BYC. Don't believe it? The link to my ebay auction is

    Act now! In the package, you get:

    1 x One laser inscribed CD
    1 x User Manual
    1 x Certificate of Authenticity, with your own code for support and such
    1 x CD Case
    1 x Reciept

    Not in the box, but still included:

    Free customer support!

    Please view the screenshots:

    [​IMG] Delete Expense Record

    [​IMG] Configuration

    [​IMG] Expense Records

    [​IMG] Printable Pedigree

    [​IMG] Brooding

    [​IMG] Add Expense

    [​IMG] Add Egg Record


    [​IMG] Egg Production

    [​IMG] Fowl Records

    [​IMG] Egg Records

    Want even more information? Go to my site: http://thechickchart.webs.com

    Sorry, this software is only available for PC's at this time.
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