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Jun 25, 2010
Does anyone know when the poultry shows are and where they are for the rest of the year and could possibly give a list or just a few that you might know. Also what show is going on november 2nd.
Where are you located? I'm not aware of any particular shows on the 2nd, but the Nebraska state Poultry (Lincoln) and the Heartland Classic (Fayetteville, Arkansas) are the weekend of the 6th. The Ohio Nationals are the weekend after that in Columbus. December 11 is the APA nationals in Shawnee, Oklahoma. You can check out the chickenstock and show meetup section for other shows.
Hi I'm about an hour south of you. there is a show Nov 6 in highland IL it is about 30 minutes from you we went in the spring and it was great. we are going again. it is being put on by the il-mo bantam club.
Not too many poultry shows during the middle of the week, except for fairs, where the birds may be there for several days to a week or so.

Nice show in Farmington NM the 1st weekend in November.

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