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Dec 3, 2015
I have a question or two. If I keep different kinds of poultry together in the same coop and same run. Will they peck at each other and be a mess? For ex. Chickens, ducks, geese, turkeys, peafowl. The run is 45 ft by 20 ft. Is That to small for all that poultry together?


Aug 21, 2015
I have heard of people housing different kinds of fowl together, but only if they were raised together, and given plenty of room. I raise chickens and guinea fowl together--the guineas do sometimes peck on the chickens, but they usually live together in harmony. Keep in mind that that many species may have different requirements for feed, (ie higher or lower protein requirements), certain environment conditions (ducks like water to bathe in) etc. You would want to research the different space requirements for each bird you're going to be raising. There could be some pecking order differences as well. Maybe someone who has experience housing different kinds of poultry together could chime in :)


12 Years
Oct 24, 2009
Its not a good idea to mix the birds you mentioned.. because they all have very different temperaments to each other and have different needs.

For example, the geese are usually aggressive to other birds by nature... particularly if they are cooped up with them and don't have space to free range.

The ducks and the geese need a lot of water and like to mess things up and make everything wet and muddy.... this is bad for the chickens and peafowl as they need dry conditions to stay healthy and clean.

The different species also all need different foods.. and you could not stop them eating each others foods.

However, if you choose birds that have similar behaviours and similar feed, care, needs then its possible to mix species.

I keep cochin bantams. Japanese bantams, fancy pigeons and a turkey together no problems.

In the past I had Guinea fowl with my chickens.. but once they matured they liked to play 'jump on the chicken' games.. and would chase and try to bounce off the chickens for fun... which stressed out the poor chickens.

So a lot also depends of the individual personalities of the birds.

My ducks live on their own... but they free range and mix with the other birds... they hate my pigeons and will sneak up on then and grab them by their tails and not let go!

In your case I would recommend the following, mix...

Standard size chickens,
(Maybe pigeons.. but chickens will eat the pigeon squabs if they can get to their nests).
Maybe Guinea fowl... but not with the pigeons!

Don't add any water fowl. Or just have the coop with different water fowl species. Not swans.. (they are super aggressive when breeding).

Can you get a photo of your set up?


Dec 3, 2015
I don't have a picture yet, But it's 45 ft long 20 ft wide and 8 ft tall. Plus a 15 ft but 10 ft by 8 ft coop. And I was thinking 20 hens,3 ducks,2 geese, 4 peafowl, 8 turkeys.

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