Poults and tinfoil?


10 Years
Apr 1, 2009
I have 5, 2 week old poults. They are currently living in a 60 gallon fish tank. I had to remove the lid of the fish tank for the heat lamp and one brave little poult has made a grand escape twice, so I covered the top of the tank in sheets of tin foil to prevent escape. Every morning when I come out the tin foil in on the floor in the fish tank and this morning it had been torn into little pieces. The tinfoil was pretty secure so I am confused are they pulling it down to play w/ it? The first day I thought it may have just fallen. But now that its happening more frequently I am starting to wonder. Any thoughts?
My thoughts would be use something heavier like cardboard. If they ingest tin foil, IM GUESSING it would be bad, because eating metals isnt really too good lol
Do you think that they can see their own reflections in the foil?

We have a mature stag who fights the competitor that he thinks is living in the steel water tank. He's none too keen on the one that lives behind the front fender of the truck either.
rofl.... i had a peacock that fought with the cock that lived inside the house... on the other side of the glass door.... oohhh he would get ssooo mad.... there were actually scratches in the glass.... lol...

i would guess curiosity.. it's shiny and it makes noise.... or the reflection thing....

and as a side note.. this was a peachick not a poult, but they've been hanging out together and trouble may be teaching gobble some bad habits, if you keep the brooder in the bathroom, make sure your kids know not to leave the toilet seat up.... and peachicks can swim...
not sure that turkeys can, but... lol...

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