pouring liquid out the backside!? *update* eggbound?? help!!!


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Ok , I have a silkie hen about a year old. She has had diarrhea off and on. Today I picked her up and liquid came pouring out of her vent. The liquid is clear, mostly, with a tiny bit of poop. This was like an animal peeing. The area around her vent is dirty like it stays wet or something. She has done this once before and I called the vet and asked him, he said to him it seems like it would be coming from her reproductive organs rather than the other, and that it just happens sometimes. I just don't know what to do. What could it possibly be?? I think it was far beyond her control. Usually when I hold a chicken, they don't poop on me until I put them down. The other 2 don't seem to have this problem. I am just not sure about actually taking her to the vet and spending money on tests if he can't find an answer. When I spoke to him he named off so many different things it could possibly be I can just see the bill from a battery of tests! ANY IDEAS!
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I would look for signs of reproductive infection. Enternal laying, necrotic enteritis, etc.
Has your girl been wormed? This is also a sign of a major parasite infestation. If you haven't wormed her, sounds like that may be a good starting point. Search around on BYC - Ivermec Eprinex or Ivermectin pour-on are good wormers; if you search for "ivermectin" posts by threehorses, I believe she's got several posts out there with info. on what to use and dosage.
Check your bird's abdomen for swelling. If she feels like a water balloon she could have a liver problem or congestive heart failure. I am currently treating a 5 yr old Silver Laced Wyandotte hen for a similar problem. I took her to the vet and he drained 400ml of clear fluid from her abdomen and sent it off for tests. Her blood chemistry came back indicating a liver problem so she is on a daily milkweed extract for that. He stated also that congestive heart failure can cause excessive fluid build up in her abdomen that has to go somewhere.....hence the weeping of fluid around her vent. My vet says if the fluid buildup gets worse, they have diuretics they can give a chicken.
Hope this helps and your bird recovers....
ok today (10/14) I found a soft shell on the floor of the coop, I am not sure how long it has been there b/c I just may not have noticed it. It has been raining for days so my trips to the coop have been quick just for feed and water. She has not laid an egg since 10/7 when I posted this. I felt her tummy and around her vent and it does feel soft. I just don;t know what to do!!
I can't really afford to bring her to the vet right now and even if I could I don't have transportation! I am boiling eggs for her and giving her garlic. I am going to try to get someone to pick up some yogurt for her. I am going to separate her so I can keep an eye on her, I feel like some of this was long overdue but the non-stop rain has really caused problems!
Rain, in and of itself does not necessarily mean problems unless the inside of your coop is getting wet > this is the problem > you need to address the issues of keeping the flooring and nesting material dry because the birds will get bored and silkies especially will peck around in the sodden mess and bacterial growth in this (including wet grains which may have fallen in there > mycotoxins)
Separate the ill bird to a dry temp stable area, mix in some cooked human oatmeal with her feed (just enough to make it all clump together) along with some baby parrot/bird formula to concentrate the nutrition if you do not have Avia Charge 2000) > do not give scratch grains.
Put electrolytes/vit mix into waterer (she runs risk of dehydration) for a week.
the coop is dry and no one else has the problem. I know she laid the soft shell egg today b/c it was still moist. I have her separated and she has a vet appointment Saturday morning.
good luck then with the vet!
I suggest (whatever the problem) that you get some AviaCharge 2000 (available online from McMurry or strombergs) as any illness will result in malabsorption to one degree or another and a birds immune system is totally dependent on nutrient uptake.

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