Power inverter, Good thing to keep around when incubating

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    Apr 5, 2009
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    Well, I have lived here almost 3 years and have never experienced a blackout( electrical) but I put 39 eggs in an incubator and the next day the power goes out for a few hours.The temp on my digital thermometer was 92 degrees but not so low on the mercury thermometer and I was getting frustrated until I remembered I had a power inverter packed away in a box I moved here with. It is a 400 watt inverter, was still in it's original plastic package. I got it out and went and plugged it into the pick up, then I strung an extension cord to the incubator surprise, surprise, it worked
    I bought this thing off a bargain table at Big Lots several years ago and had never had occasion to use it, the incubator and fan came on and rapidly began to rise in temperature. soon it was up to 98 degrees and I began to relax about 30 minutes later the Electricity came back on. isn't it funny how stuff works I have been here almost 3 years and then decide to hatch some eggs and here comes a black out .....wierd

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    excellent !!!

    this is one tip that I had not seen.
    I do not have one, but it does make a lot of sense..

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