Power outage mid-hatch! Update OH MY!!

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    I had several gorgeous Ameraucana eggs hatching yesterday from Jean (pips&peeps). 4 had hatched and were dry and fluffy in the brooder and 1 had just hatched and was still wet in the incubator when my power went out!!! There were 3 eggs that had pipped and those never made it out. The power went out at 4 p.m. yesterday and didn't come back on 'till nearly 10 p.m. So it was about 6 hours. The chicks that had just pipped had no chance.

    I had another bunch of chicks in the barn that were only a week old, too. After a few hours it started getting chilly (it went down into the 40s overnight!) so I had my husband pack up all of the just hatched and other week-old chicks in the car with their lamps and take them to his parents. We set them up in their garage so they could have their lights back and stay warm.

    I didn't think that the 5th little Ameraucana chick that had just hatched when we lost electricity was going to make it. I left in the incubator as long as I could, but then the temp in there dropped under 80 so I moved it over to the brooder hoping that it and the previously hatched chicks would huddle up for warmth. It didn't look too good for awhile, it had gotten really chilled and the other chicks were just trampling it. I wanted to keep it home and keep an eye on it, but of course I had no choice but to send it to my in-laws with all of the other chicks, I had to get them all back under the lights! But my husband went over on his way to work this morning to check on them and he said that it was up and doing fine, all dry and fuzzy and acting totally normal. So that was good news!

    I'm pretty angry at the power company. Not because the power went out; things happen, that wasn't any of their fault. But it took them more than nearly FOUR HOURS to get anyone out here to do anything about it. And it wasn't like they should have been very busy--there were no storms, high winds, anything like that. It was a fluke thing that happened on our street--I'm willing to be that we were the only houses without power in the area. We called and reported the outage right away. A few hours later I called and got through to a live person, and I explained to them that I had live animals dying. I knew it wasn't really anything the customer service rep I spoke to could do much about and I wasn't angry towards them, but I was really upset. I tried to explain that to her, how I didn't understand why it would take so long for them to get out here (we've never had the power be out that long without someone working on it, even when there has been lots of bad weather across the area) and that I was watching animals die. That wasn't ok. She told me to get a hotel room. [​IMG] Um, ok lady, I'm gonna drag dozens of chicks (and pay for??) into a hotel room? Thank goodness my in-laws aren't too far away! That worked to get the chicks somewhere with electricity, but it didn't do any good for my incubator. [​IMG]

    The bright side here is I do have 5 beautiful little chicks that did make it. [​IMG] While I'm pretty sure that I would have 8 chicks if the power hadn't went out, 5 still isn't bad at all for eggs that were shipped clear across the country (from WA state to MD). Just goes to show you that Jean has great quality birds/eggs and packages well!!

    ETA: OH MY GOODNESS!! I unplugged the incubator hours ago, as I was sure the last pipped-but-not-hatched eggs were dead. Well, what do you think I just heard?? VERY loud peeping!!??? One of them is still alive! Oh I plugged that incubator back in in a hurry, and wrapped up the egg in some damp, warm paper towels to get the humidity back up. Looks like the membrane has dried out quite a bit, but it is half zipped! Wow. Well, I'm crossing my fingers for this little one. Must be one determined chick, it's had the plug pulled twice now!
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    I spent 70.00 on a back up inverter with a battery just incase that happens. Might be worth looking into for the future. Good luck, glad it turned out fairly well.
  3. Crunchie

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    Mar 1, 2007
    Quote:Thanks, I'm thinking that something like that might be worth looking into. We just have never had a problem with the power going out, especially for that long, so I just didn't even think of it.

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