Power outage suggestions?


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Jan 25, 2007
The overnite is supposed to bring us wet heavy snow and ice with potential for "serious power outages"
Of course

I have 2 incubators going, and no backup generator. I will be gone (working) during the overnight.
any suggestions on what to do with my bators to keep the eggs as warm as possible if the power goes out while I'm gone?
All I can suggest is to place water bottles inside filled with warm water. They will slow down the reduction in heat. maybe they will stay warm until the power comes back on.

Good Luck and God Bless!
Not much you can do if you won't be home. Any family/friend that can help? I would put the incubators in a small room (like a bathroom) which would be slower to cool. Dig out a cooler or two and fill them with small plastic bottles or jars filled with very hot water. Bake or nuke some (5or 6) potatoes (no kidding) and wrap the hot potatoes in foil (AFTER you nuke them if using that method). Throw those in the cooler with the bottles. Put towels or a heavy blanket over the cooler(s). Have an accurate thermometer (should have one in the incubator already) handy. If the power goes out you'll have warm objects to put in the incubator to keep the eggs warm.You can blanket the incubator also if the power goes out. Monitor the temp as not to overheat the eggs. You can re-heat the foil wrapped potatoes on a car engine-do not use the plastic bottles! Good Luck!
Pick up a small inverter and use a 12 volt car battery. A 400w inverter would be plenty, actually I have powered my laptop on a 200w and it draws more than a small incubator.

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