Power outage two day old ducklings


6 Years
Jul 11, 2013
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My Coop
What should i do? I have them all in a box (5) with a towel and covered by a blanket. I have no clue how long it could take
Do you have a gas stove?
If it goes on too very long, you can heat a pot of water and make a rice bag to put above it to warm it up and put in with them that they can snuggle with.
You can also warm bricks up in an gas oven or on a grill. To about 150 to 200o , then wrap them in foil and a towel and place them in/under brooder. Just be sure the little ones can't come in contact with them directly. Depending on how cold it is you may have to rewarm some a few times though the day. I've done that it helps.
How cold is it where you live and what's the weather forecast for today?

They can go for a while at lower temps - they aren't always sitting under mom in nature.
Oops, placed my post in the Michigan thread. I've used those hot pads that are for sore muscles, found in the pharmacy section of most grocery stores, the large size. I put something over them, a blanket or towel, because they get quite hot.
Thermacare packs from the pharmacy stay warm 8-12 hours. You could also fill a 2 liter bottle most of the way with hot water and put lid on. They will huddle together. Keep them covered to keep the warmth in.

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