Prayers needed for Lockedhearts DH and for her.

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    I got a text from a friend late last night asking if I had herd anything about Lockedheart's husband. I replied no and got a response that he had had a heart attack and was in ICU! They had just attended my mother's funeral service the day before and he looked great! I was floored!
    I spoke with her today and he has had a massive heart attack with two major blockages. They put one stint in and are going to do the other next week. He is very lucky to be alive as the one they stinted was 100% blocked and a main artery!!!!
    I am praying for them and I just know that they can use all the prayers they can get. It's going to be hard on her because they have no family here in GA, just some good friends. I pray we can all uplift them and undergerd them in this time of stress and fear.
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    prayers sent
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    Prayers sent. I have been there and it is very scary.
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    [​IMG] [​IMG] and [​IMG]
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    OH NO! I just met them a few weeks ago, and her DH was out workin on the barn lookin healthy as a horse! My prayers are added
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    SO scary. [​IMG]
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    I will be praying, also. [​IMG] Here's a hug for you too.
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    Lots of prayers
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    [​IMG] and prayers. I do so hope that all turns out well. [​IMG]

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