Prayers needed....*UPDATE!*

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  1. Hubby has his doctor appointment tomorrow for check up and see if he can go back to work this week. Please PRAY for us that he will passes his physical capability!

    Truck is almost fixed. Hubby's brother from New York surprised all of us in sending us some money to get the rear end for the truck. FIL is coming by to pick up hubby to take him to get the rear end and tomorrow after hubby's appointment they are going to finish the repairs.

    We really need this. Im so nervous of his results! It's still a ??? of what was wrong with him.
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    Prayers and best wishes!
  5. Oh LORD! I am sitting on NAILS right now! Jason and Jay have left for their appointments. Im still at home, had to postpone mine due to Baby Lily isn't feeling well (that's okay, I rescheduled for Wednesday at enough time to do both my g. diabetes test and my prenatal check up)! It will be several hours before he gets home since he also has to walk Jay to school, stop at the hospital to pick up paperwork for his school and Jay's Fiancial Aid for Pre-K, he also has to stop at his dad's work to discuss what's going on with the truck. It's going to be a LLLLLOOOOONNNNGGGG day!

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  6. Jason is back from the doctors.... RESULTS ARE.....

    YAY! HE GOT APPROVED TO GO BACK TO WORK! Doctor said he just needed a VACATION!
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    That's great!!

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  9. prayer ALWAYS works [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG] marrie

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