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Mar 11, 2008
Central PA
I am taking pre-orders for silkie chicks. I plan on doing on big incubation of eggs and want to know what is sold as I go chick crazy then have too many and want to keep them all. So not this year. I am only hatching what I have orders for and a few extra for me.

So place your orders so I know how many to hatch. I have white, b/b/s, Splash, Partridge and Black Lavender splits.
I care for the chicks until they are 2-4 weeks old to make sure they have a great start and get them through the crucial time period.
Then your babies are off to you. Please do not bid on auction just email me for your order.
It is a 6 chick minimum (unless you have talked to me to make other arrangements), they are $15 each. Will reimburse if shipping is less.. that includes the shipping box. If you want more than 6 just pm me for what you want. Price Break on 25 chicks or more.

Shipping to take place in June or I will hatch out for the month you want them in (like fall) since many states will be in the heat during july or so. So I have enough orders I will do more than one hatch but they must be pre-ordered.

I am not on here on the weekends usually so if you order or have a question I will not be able to acknowledge until Monday or Tuesday if a holiday.

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