Jul 24, 2016
Anyone else's duck lay like this
Great name! We tried diapers when her and "sister" were little, but they never really took to it. My girls are now in an outdoor pen all day and come into the house at night to watch Netflix on the couch and then sleep in my daughters' huge shower stall. Believe it or not, they don't poop on us when they're hanging out for chill time! In 3 mos we've only had one accident! They each get 45 min to an hr of individual hang out on the couch time. They poop immediately upon being returned to their indoor playpen. Such polite little ladies
Mine lives in the house full time and goes everywhere with me, at least until I can get another duck for her/him
No, they don't seem poop less as they get older. That would be awesome if they did! How old is Spot? When you thinking of adding a buddy? Did Spot imprint on you....did you get him/her as a day old 24-48 hrs after hatch? Are you trying diapers?
I have been trying to get her around other ducks but she wants nothing to do with them right now. Yes she imprinted on me, she is a month old. Yes I want to try diapers

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