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So sorry for your loss. As you have now discovered free ranging is a risk you take. Lessons learned the hard way and the predator will be back. I have several game cameras up around on my property and over the years have noticed that most predators have routines and routes so whatever you get on your camera is likely the culprit. I have some of my cameras mounted on posts so I can move them around. I haven't lost a bird in quite awhile but now my birds are in nice large covered pens for protection from aerial predators and I have electric wires around the coops and pens and concrete under the gates for protection from the ground predators, all due to losses in the past. Again lessons learned the hard way. Chickens are creatures of habits and like routines. My birds adapted well to their pens and there are ways to entertain them in a pen. Now when I do let the birds out before long they are all back in their pens. I think they feel the pens are their safe place. My land is mostly open pasture but there are some woods behind me. Hardly a night goes by when the predators roam here that I don't see a predator on at least one of the cameras. Good luck...
Looks like a coon to me. Coons just tear them apart like that.

People sometimes go a long time, free ranging, and the predators do not find them. But once they find them, they will be back, and back again.

I like to let mine out, but I live on a ranch long past no where, and coons are my nemesis. I have had attacks from coyotes - almost alway bird just disappears, and for me, in the day time. I have had hawks and eagles, but with a good rooster, those don't get many. But coons - have driven me to despair.

I have a huge run, made out of chain link fencing, over the roof as well, linked together with pig nose rings. And after losing birds for years to coons at night, even with an automatic door, I am finally (knock on wood) going on 4 months without a loss. Coons are incredibly smart, and determined, and can decimate a whole flock of 10-12 birds easily.

I have trapped coons, put up cameras, and reinforced. We finally tore that all down and went with the chain link fencing, with an apron, and with buried rocks at the gate.

Good luck, but know, they have found you and will be back. And if you trap one, well in a while, there will be others.

Mrs K

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