Predator ID


Apr 5, 2022
Sometime yesterday something got one of my chickens. I found this wing in the coop last evening an hour or so before dark. I didn't find any other evidence. No feet, beak or bones. I have 4 four month old roosters that pick and get quite aggressive sometimes with the 29 two and three month old chickens. I don't know if they killed this one (if they did where are other remains?) or if a predator did and if so what would leave a wing? Also, the only access to my coop is through an auto door (that was open) and down a 3 foot tunnel into the coop. The chickens freely go in an out all day. A chicken could have carried this wing in after a predator got the rest of it possibly.

We are in a very remote area west of DFW, Texas with lots of predators. Possible predators I know I have around: hawks, coons, skunks, coyotes. I have 15 llamas and generally don't see anything around during the day (except an occasional hawk). I know they won't allow coyotes near their space. The chickens go far from the coop/barn/orchard/garden area where we are frequently around (many times a day), as well as my dog, the llamas, a couple of cows and a cat. The chickens haven't gotten brave enough to venture very far yet and it doesn't seem likely that much would come around the area during the day. I suspect an older chicken did it but I can't find any other remains. In a couple of weeks these roos are going to be butchered and the rest of the flock gets along generally well.



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