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    Apr 4, 2008
    In November I had an unknown predator dig a 5 inch hole under the chain link fence, crawl through a 11x10 inch door into my chicken house and steal (I assume eat) 8 full grown large chickens. They just disappeared off the face of the earth! There were several small spots of blood on the door area of the coop as well as some feathers throughout the yard. One area of feathers was right up next to the fence gate where my dog was running the yard.
    I thought I secured my yard but was wrong because the predator returned Friday and took three of my chickens. This time two of my dogs were in the yard. From the evidence two chickens were caught up close to the inner yard fence. The predator doesn't seem too concerned. And the dogs which are very (annoyingly) vocal have not been barking when the predator is in the yard.

    1. Does this sound more like coyote or domestic dog?
    2. animal?

    So the plan is:
    barbed wire around the base of all the fencing inside and out
    electrify fence
    concrete blocks along the entire fence line
    motion sensor lite
    niteguard sensors

    Am I missing anything?

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    Where do you live? Weasels dig. I'm not sure if they would take more than one chicken in a night, though, and I think they leave more of a mess. Foxes dig and they take birds with little mess, but again, I wouldn't think it would take 8 chickens. Foxes and weasels both would fit through your little chicken house door.

    What you have planned to make your chicken yard safe sounds great. Above and beyond! =D

    I just found this. Maybe it will help?
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    Forget the barbed wire, concrete blocks, and electric sensors, you are concerned with keeping out varmints not an army.
    Vertical fencing or metal roofing,etc buried 18 inches+ deep will protect against almost any digging varmint up to and including a coyote.
    Likewise a layer of small welded wire or hardware cloth laid flat on the ground will also protect against diggers.
    An ELECTRIC fence will protect against ANY and ALL walking, crawling, biting, running, and digging animals that comes into contact with it, at least if the varmint is grounded. I have even seen an electric fence kill a snake.
    Most predators are reluctant to tangle with an electric fence twice in this lifetime. So that should solve any problem with ground based predators. Then you only need to protect the top of your pen or run with woven fencing like small gage horse or no climb fencing etc.

    Don't forget to do your due diligence and seal or attach each type of fencing material to each other so there are no cracks or holidays for your chicken thief to "weasel" through.
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    Agreed. I've only ever used Poultry Net by Premier1 and it keeps everything out, including weasels. Critters lead with their noses, but once they get that zap, they don't come back.

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