Predator light


10 Years
Sep 7, 2013
Anyone have any luck with using the predator lights to keep animals away at night.i was thinking about purchasing some before i had a issue with night attacks.
This comes up on here regularly. Most people say they don't help. Some have some success with them, especially if they move them around every day or every few days.
Smilebrite.................I find running a RADIO at night on a good country station helps keep most of the wary critters away from your
coop....I do use the blinking red lights, electric fences, and a good shotgun from time to time...............k4eqh
Flockwatcher, the only predator that seems to get along with the radio is a O'possum, and they get along with about anything.
I have a large coop 24 x 20 divided into 4 10 x 10 's with a hallway down the middle, and it is covered with 2 x 4 dogwire and
1 inch chicken wire AND electric fence wire around the base, and a possum still managed to craw up the side and into the
attic and then couldnt figure how to get down......I drove him out of there with a water hose, and told him not to come back....!!!!!
So far I havnt seen him back up there anymore.....heh heh heh heh .....I usually dont have any trouble with possums with live
thinigs.....we usually throw them scraps out the back door, so I guess if they are around, its partly my fault. I lock all my birds
up at night ....the peafowl, guineas, and two of the cats we own dont get to roam at night. One outside "guard cat" gets to roam
the darkness. I have seen her run gray foxes out of the yard at night, so I dont worry about her too much. The coyote's will put
her up a tree once in a while but I think they do it with a smile on their faces, they have never even come close to catching her.

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