Predator Proof Run?

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    We live in the mountains, so you name it for predadtors we've got it! I was planning on using field fencing 6 feet up for our run. A portion will have a roof to give the girls a drier spot in the winter. I want to incase the field fencing in chicken wire and then on the open part of the run roof it with hardware cloth. Does that sound like it will portect them?

    I'm also wondering if we should fence the coop in too to keep bear or racoon out. I would love any ideas. We need the alcatraz of coops and runs!!!

    Thans for your help!
  2. WoodlandWoman

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    May 8, 2007
    Hardware cloth is great for keeping out raccoons and I have it covering all my coop's windows. I think electric fencing is the only thing that works for bears. I'm sure someone with more bear and electric fencing experience will be along later to help with that. [​IMG]

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