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    I have a 100'x100' chicken yard. That's 10,000 square feet. The fence is 4' high with 2"x4" weave. In addition to the chicken house I have a dog house. That's where a good ole mixed hound rescue dog lives when not by the woodstove. He will not harm a chicken or a cat. I also am surrounded by hawks, foxes, neighbor dogs, bobcats, and about anything else that lives in the woods and fields. The only time I ever loose a chicken is if one gets in the habit of flying outside the fence to forage (which is pretty rare). Anyway, I just have to say, if you can find a good dog like Cleo, you won't have problems with critters. Although as gentle and loving as they come, he is the great enemy of all things wild and fury. I love this dog. He is worth every penny I will ever spend on him.
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    I always love a good dog story. Enjoy

    What is 2x 4 weave?
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    You are definitely very lucky. I know my goats helped a lot keeping predators away just because of their size but they are not as good as a dog.
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    Probably 2" x 4" woven wire fencing.
  5. Dogs like the above are like our grannies and great grannies farm dogs of old. That (plus a 12 gauge scatter gun, a .22 rifle, and a tow sack full of steel traps) was all that was needed then to raise free range or pastured chickens and eggs.
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    He looks like a real sweetheart!

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