Predator Puzzle

Discussion in 'Predators and Pests' started by brahmachickenlady, May 20, 2010.

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    Oct 2, 2009
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    It seems each year I have a different predator to deal with. This year I think it is coming through the roof or coming down off the rafters because there are no holes ouutside. and the slaughtered birds are always in the back corner of the coop.I keep the juvenile birds in one half of the coop. Yesterday morning I found 6 or 7 dead ones in the back corner with only one that was pretty well eaten. This morning I found one dead one in the back corner pretty well eaten. I probably have about 100 birds in this side,and whatever it is has not touched the trap with a dead bird in it outside. I broke my shoulder last week so this is not the easiest thing to deal with right now, especially in FL where it is now getting really hot. Any ideas? What would be the best poison for a varmint like this? Thanks for any and all ideas.
  2. dacjohns

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    Sounds like a little critter coming a little hole. Weasel? Have to find the entrance and block it.

    I don't always advocate poison (except for mice) but rat poison mixed in with canned cat food might work. Don't put it where other critters, especially your birds can get to it.
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    If there are small gaps that a weasel or rat can squeeze through on your pen, you can fill the gaps with steel wool and/or insulation spray foam. A single can doesn't cost much and it goes a long way, it expands to fill crevices. I stuff the gaps in my pens with steel wool, then i spray the foam on top of that. Rodents don't like to chew on the steel wool, and the insulation foam holds it in place and acts as a deterrent for them as well.
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    They could be dying from something else and the other birds eating the carcasses

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