Predator-testing the coop


12 Years
Nov 30, 2007
Central Arkansas
Any ideas on how to predator test a coop without a sacrifical chicken? My friend has rescued a chicken, and right now it is living in the bathroom/garage because she is terrified the coop isn't strong enough. She loooooooooooves this chicken.

I suggested dog food in a dish in the middle of the coop. If its eaten, something is getting in there. But then she suggested rats, so I dont know.

I would suggest making sure it is totally enclosed. Any animal that wants in bad enough may find a way. I have leanred on BYC that a raccoon's and a toddler's abilities are similar.
I'm sorry, I mean she suggested rats could get in an eat the food, not to use them to test the coop! I really should double check my posts...

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